Council Member Daniel McDow


Daniel McDow


Building tomorrow's city today!

West Melbourne City Council • 2020


Daniel McDow


Building tomorrow's city today!


West Melbourne • 2020

Dan's Plan

Assess the current 20-year plan for building tomorrow’s city today. Covid19 has impacted the financial future of West Melbourne and we must be prepared for potential shrinking tax revenues. At the same time, we need to re-invest in our aging infrastructure; be the leader in eco-friendly initiatives; and continue to provide exemplary city services to support growth and development.

Secure Financial Future

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Keep taxes low by cementing our thriving and long-term business relationships in all channels – manufacturing & distribution, service industries, restaurants & retail.

Environmental Leadership

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Create a Comprehensive Action Plan and Citizen Council to protect the health of both our residents and natural resources.

Invest in Infrastructure

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Lead to update the current 20 year plan with new innovative ideas to build tomorrows city today.

Maintain Exemplary City Services

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Develop and launch a Citizen & Employee Innovative Ideas program to control cost without compromising quality. Maintain fire, rescue, emergency and police services with state-of-the-art resources.


There is currently no environmental roadmap for West Melbourne. Eco-friendly technology is the future of our economy.

The health of our natural resources, including the Indian River Lagoon, have direct impact on the health of our citizens and economy.

Emulate other cities’ models: Renewable, zero-emission energy, Waste Management.

Invest in low-emissions energy solutions for business buildings, etc.

Incentivizing industry while also being environmentally-mindful - we can do both.

I will……

challenge the norms, build new beginnings with growth and equality!

be respectful and reject negativity! Uniting US!

be proactive - proclaiming NOT complaining!

be energetic, innovative and team oriented to achieve goals!

be evidence-based and promote facts, NOT fiction!

be focused on doing ten things well, NOT 100 things badly!

be measured by the mile, not the minute!

always have integrity and always do the right thing!

-- Dan McDow

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People Inclusion Restore Respect - everyone has VALUE!

Reduce Crime Illegal guns! Hate & Bullying! Illicit Drugs!

Improve/increase Min Wage/Teacher’s Comp & HealthCare for All!

Climate change Clean Energy Solutions! Clean Water! Clean Methods!

Economic Vision Strategy for Local Business & Industries!


My Vision

A strategic plan to support city growth (infrastructure)

Economic stability through business & industry tax base

Green City – Parks & Recreation - emphasis on supporting – special needs

Sustainability PLAN (all aspects - water, air, waste, recycling etc.)

Other services – support seniors & people inclusiveness.

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