Dan McDow is a City Councilman in West Melbourne, Florida, and has brought a unique perspective to the table with his background as a businessman, entrepreneur, and family man. His experience in the business world has allowed him to approach decision-making with a practical and results-oriented mindset. His entrepreneurial spirit has driven him to think creatively and seek innovative solutions to the challenges facing our community. Dan has been proactive in identifying opportunities for economic growth and development and worked closely with local businesses and stakeholders to attract new investments and foster job creation. Being a family man, Dan has a deep understanding of the importance of creating a safe and thriving environment for residents, as he has been actively involved in promoting public safety initiatives and collaborates with law enforcement agencies and community organizations to address concerns to ensure the well-being of his constituents.

As a Certified Professional in Healthcare Materials and a graduate of Georgetown University Executive Program in Healthcare Management and International School of Business, Dan has held executive positions in finance and logistics and received awards for his leadership in sustainability & innovation from corporations such as Better Homes & Garden, Service Master, Waste Management and Kimberly-Clarke.

In his role as City Councilman since 2020, Dan has not only advocated for infrastructure improvements but has also played an instrumental role in securing funding and support for important projects. His ability to collaborate with other council members and stakeholders has been key in passing crucial policies that have positively impacted the lives of residents. Overall, his tenure as a City Councilman in West Melbourne Florida has been marked by his commitment to serving the best interest of his constituents. His visionary leadership, business acumen, and dedication to ALL people has shaped his Vision and Goals to four pillars which are:

Save Our Environment, Repair Our Local Economies, Restore Women Rights & Sensible Gun Safety.


Daniel R. McDow

1034 Bryce Ln, West Melbourne Florida 32904

Since 2010


Dan was born in Chicago into a large Irish-Catholic family. After high school, he enrolled at the Catholic Health Allied Health Sciences Program-University of St. Louis, where he completed his certification in Professional Healthcare Management (CPHM). Dan is also a graduate of Georgetown University’s Executive Program in Healthcare Management. Dan is a family man, businessman and entrepreneur. Married for 30 years to his high school sweetheart, Louise, they raised two children together and have seven grandkids. Louise lost her battle with cancer in 2010 shortly after moving to Florida. Dan has been married to Bill McKay of Baltimore since 2016.

Dan held executive supply chain positions in the mid-west before relocating to Melbourne. He has received awards for his leadership in Sustainability & Innovation from international corporations such as Service Master, Waste Management of North America, and Kimberly-Clarke International. He has been featured in numerous articles including Forbes and the Journal of Healthcare for his focus on eco-friendly solutions and supply chain cost reduction.

In the last seven years, Dan has been focused on giving back to the community, volunteering with non-profit organizations and serving on community boards. In 2018, he was appointed to the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board which includes the Field of Dreams Special Needs Complex by the West Melbourne City Council, and was elected Chair in 2020. His commitment to the community led him to his decision to run for city council.

Dan loves this city and has a plan!

Supporting and/or Mentoring organizations

  • American Red Cross
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Autism on the Seas (AoTS)
  • American Cancer Society

Professional Background

Held executive positions in Finance/Logistics in the Midwest before relocating to Florida in 2010.  Logistics Executive with Better Homes & Gardens and GM & VP Supply Chain – HealthCare Organizations in Chicago, Kansas City and Des Moines and most recently here in Florida.  Before accepting the VP Supply Chain in Florida he held the position of Chief Operating Officer of Consolidated Services of Iowa, LLC ($300+ Million in annual sales volumes). Owned Multi-Million Construction Business (Closed in 2016).

  • Own and operate small local healthcare business.
  • VP Development - Chicago Start-Up (Block-Chain; AI- Robotics Software Focus).